Product Review – Combat Wipes

Combat Wipes: 100% biodegradable, earth-friendly products that ensure your hygiene while outdoors.

I’ve been known to keep a tube of antibacterial wipes in my vehicles, because let’s face it: I tend to get dirty. Between an active outdoor lifestyle and owning a horse, I’m the type of girl that takes the wipes at the supermarket entrance, meant for wiping off your shopping cart, to clean myself up as I enter to buy my groceries. When I was asked to take a look at Combat Wipes™, my dry, chapped hands from the antibacterial wipes I’d been using made me realize I’ve been doing myself a disservice over the past few years.

The downside is: I’ve been using my Combat Wipes at the onset of winter in NY. While I’ve found a ton of uses, I’m excited to use these when the weather gets warmer, because I’m outside less now than in the spring and summer.

From the manufacturer: We love being outdoors while keeping ourselves and nature clean. As a group of ex-military elite soldiers who love the outdoors, staying clean while in nature has always been a priority for us. After working extensively in wet wipe production, it was a natural next step for us to develop COMBAT WIPES™ to answer our need for the best-feeling and conveniently-packed wipes. With COMBAT WIPES we can now enjoy the outdoors while keeping the nature we love clean.

I received 3 different types of Combat Wipes: Active, Commando, and Gaia.

Glad these were in the Jeep!

ACTIVE: 100% biodegradable, outdoor cleansing and refreshing wipes, 25 per pack MSRP:  $7.99. Active wipes are great, all-around wipes for any outdoor activity. You can wash your face and body with them or use them should nature call. The vitamin E infused wipe is soft and non-irritating. Per the manufacturer, if you bury the wipe, it will disintegrate within 3 months.

COMMANDO: BLACK, 100% biodegradable outdoor cleansing and refreshing wipes, 25 per pack. MSRP: $8.99. Commando wipes are similar to the Active Wipes, but they utilize a black fabric, instead of the normal white, for times when you may need some camouflage out in the field.

GAIA: Outdoor, 100% biodegradable hygiene wipes for women, 25 per pack. MSRP: $8.35. Gaia wipes are specially designed to meet the hygiene needs of women. They’re nonirritating, soft, alcohol and SLS free, as well as PH-balanced. They’re also biodegradable so you can bury it if you can’t carry it out.

I put my wipes to good use, despite the cold temperatures, rain and snow that blanketed my part of New York early this season. A lot of the wipes were used on the farm where I keep my horse because equestrians get dirty the second we step out of our trucks. My hands appreciated the vitamin E and soft fabric that helped clean me up after a few less than desirable messy incidents that can sometimes happen at the farm, trust me when I say you don’t want to know.

I’ve also used my wipes at the range after shooting. While not specifically designed to remove lead residue from your hands, they are a quick way to at least wipe your hands off until you can get to proper soap and water.

One issue I’ve found with other packaged wipes is they can dry out fast. I didn’t find this to be an issue with any of my packages of Combat Wipes. There’s nothing more frustrating than needing a wipe only to find out they’ve has gone dry. The packaging is thick, and they reseal quite well. I’ve had a package open for about 2 weeks and the moisture level is the same as the day I opened them.

Combat Wipes aren’t meant to replace a shower, or proper hygiene for that matter. They are a convenient alternative to help you freshen up where a shower or running water may not be an option. If you’re a camper, hiker, hunter, runner, equestrian, shooter, heck anyone who finds themselves needing a convenient gentle way to clean up in the outdoors, Combat Wipes should be in your pack!

I’ll be using these throughout the winter, but I look forward to giving them a good workout this spring. When I do, I’ll update my review! Thanks, Combat Wipes, for a much-needed product for both men and women! I’m a fan, and I’ll continue to use them. Stay tuned!



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