Product Review – Combat Wipes

I’ve been known to keep a tube of antibacterial wipes in my vehicles, because let’s face it: I tend to get dirty. Between an active outdoor lifestyle and owning a horse, I’m the type of girl that takes the wipes at the supermarket entrance, meant for wiping off your shopping cart, to clean myself up... Continue Reading →

Gear Review: MantisX

As a firearm instructor, I often run across gadgets that claim to improve your shooting skills. There’s usually a lot of hype to get you to buy, but then once you do, you realize you’d have been better off spending your money on a private lesson with a professional. So I usually look at new... Continue Reading →

Exercises to Improve Your Accuracy

If you are new to the world of shooting, perhaps you have not put much thought into the connection between physical conditioning and your shooting accuracy. Strengthening your “shooting muscles” can go a long way toward improving your accuracy and keeping yourself healthy.Whether you shoot pistols or rifles, you need a strong upper body. Target... Continue Reading →

Modifying My Buck Mark

I’ve had my Browning Buck Mark Camper for a few years. It was my first pistol, and I adore it. As you may have read a few weeks ago, I’ve been researching Red Dots to add to it in order to join the Pistol League at my club. After much research, I ordered a Buck... Continue Reading →

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