7 Tips for Setting a Good Concealed Carry Example

Every day, ordinary Second-Amendment-loving citizens just like you and me are out and about, doing their daily grind. Sometimes you find each other by accident, sometimes you’re two ships that pass in the night. We’re out there, mixed in amongst the anti-gun crowds and people who have never even thought about carrying a firearm—concealed carrying our pistols in our favorite on-body location of choice, just looking to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

My go-to carry is an Honor Defense 9 mm, in a Galco Gunleather holster as seen here.

We never know who else is carrying, but we know we have what it takes to protect ourselves should the need arise. Though we often feel alone, like we’re the only one at the store carrying, there are others. More like us are out there whether we know who they are or not.

I recently had an oddly awesome experience. Here’s how it went down. My husband and I bought a new home. We were knee-deep in renovations before we could move in and had a garage full of construction debris. I went online to search out my options and ended up contracting with a popular “we’ll come pick up your junk” kind of company.

Read the rest on Range365!

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