Liberty Ammunition – It Just Hits Harder

When you think “defensive ammo” Liberty Ammunition may not be the first brand that pops into your mind… but it will after this! Since 2005 Liberty Ammunition has been focused on defensive ammo. If you’re carrying for self-defense, you absolutely should be using defensive ammunition. Why? Because regular ammo is designed for target / plinking... Continue Reading →

Tueller Drill: What Is It? Why Does It Matter?

The Tueller Drill is one of those shooting drills that you probably thought about a million times, but you never really knew what it was called. It’s pretty common to hear people inside the self-defense training community say something like, “Most defensive encounters happen within 21 feet, so practice shooting close.” In a nutshell, that’s... Continue Reading →

Why You Should Carry a Knife

From simple pocket knives to Swiss Army-style multi-tools, the choices, sizes, and styles of everyday carry blades are endless. If you’re not keeping a good knife on your body as part of your EDC, you’re skipping one of the basic essentials.  To me, having a knife handy is a necessity. I use different knives for... Continue Reading →

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