Irish Setter Vaprtrex Snake Boots: Not Just for Hunters!

Irish Setter Vaprtrex Snake Boots: Not Just for Hunters!

by Annette Doerr

Boot: Irish Setter VAPRTREK™ 1821 Snake Boots

MSRP: $214.99

If you know me, you’re laughing right off the bat that I’m reviewing snake boots. But guess what, snake boots aren’t just for hunters! Sure, if you’re an avid hunter, you know the importance of a great pair of snake boots when you’re out in the woods either stalking or setting up your stand or blind. Safety is paramount, especially when you’re deep in the woods; the last thing you need is a deadly encounter with Mr. Snake! But if you’re not an avid hunter, don’t discount having a great pair of snake boots, they’re NOT just for hunters!

Here are a few great activities that Irish Setter Vaprtrex™ boots are perfect for! I’ll start with the obvious, because for years snake boots have been marketed primarily to hunters!

  • HUNTING: Sure, if you’re an avid hunter, you already know the importance of a great pair of snake boots. These boots sport the Mossy Oak® Break-Up® camouflage pattern which blends in seamlessly in a variety of backgrounds. Should you encounter a snake, you’ll be well protected.
  • HORSEBACK RIDING: Equestrians take note! These make for great trail riding boots. The height on the boot, and the durable material make for a very protective boot to ride in. While the sole is aggressive, and you need to make sure you keep your stirrup on the ball of your foot (ahem, where it should be anyway) these Vaprtrex boots offer fantastic protection while out on the trail. The ankle is supportive yet flexible so they’re comfortable to ride in. Snakes are in the backwoods, so if you need to dismount, you’ll be protected. (Especially handy if it’s an unplanned dismount and you need to hike back out toward your trailer!) As an added bonus, you’ll be well-protected from snagging your jeans / breeches on branches and thorns as you head down the trail because of their Armatrec™ technology, which makes them abrasion resistant.
  • HIKING: They’re great for hiking for the same reasons I’ve listed above. They’re also very supportive, lightweight and comfortable. As a bonus, if you’re clumsy like me, they offer terrific ankle support so you’re less likely to roll an ankle!).
  • UNREALISTIC FEAR OF SNAKES: OK, I’ll get to the real reason I wanted to try these boots. I’m admittedly unrealistically terrified of snakes (if you know me, you know!) Wearing these over the past two months has helped me get out and do things I’d been reluctant to do in the past, like summer hiking. Rattlesnakes and Copperheads are commonplace in my area of New York, along with venomous water snakes and a garden variety of nonvenomous slithering beings. I know that if I encounter a snake while wearing these, I only have to worry about dying from a heart attack out of fear, not a venomous bite to an ankle or lower leg. Seriously, these have given me the confidence to do some fun hikes in warm weather that I’d normally only do during the winter. They’ll also accompany me to my outdoor shooting range which has had a few venomous snake sightings over the past year, keeping me from showing up since the first sighting.
  • SEARCH AND RESCUE: For all of the reasons I’ve listed above, these boots make excellent footwear for anyone who serves as a first responder doing search and rescue. We recently had a dog lost in a heavily wooded area, quite close to my home. It was late June and quite hot in my part of New York. The dog had been out there for 4 days and nights, with a leash and harness still attached. Knowing that there was some rough terrain, and the area was known for a high Rattlesnake population, I was willing to strap on my Irish Setters and take my dog for a hike in the area. Luckily, the pup was recovered unharmed and our services weren’t needed, but I know I’d have been protected if we did get out there. Point being, anyone serving as a Law Enforcement Officer or Fireman would benefit from having a pair of Vaprtrex in their collection to be used for search and rescue purposes.

Here are the technology specs from Irish Setter’s website:


The Vaprtrek™ 1821 features these technologies:


This technology is a protective covering that is incredibly tough and abrasion resistant.


Mossy Oak® Break-Up® camouflage features unprecedented depth, unequalled detail and elements with remarkable contrast, offering hunters another dimension in camo. Mossy Oak® Break-Up Infinity® is a versatile pattern used effectively in various hunting situations from flooded timber to deep woods. Includes elements like bark, branches and leaves to mimic actual colors found in nature.


A breakthrough composite material that significantly reduces the weight of the boot, providing extreme comfort and added endurance. Engineered to provide the durability and strength of traditional materials without the extra weight.


An Irish Setter exclusive scent control process, ScentBan™ is added to various materials from leathers to linings to footbeds, killing bacteria that cause odors.


Irish Setter SnakeGuard construction features a non-woven material that is combined with leather or nylon to impede fangs, thorns, and other nasty elements from penetrating the boot upper.


Our women’s specific styles are built around precision-made lasts that address the nuances of a woman’s foot shape for better fit and performance.


Our UltraDry™ construction combines a moisture management lining with waterproof components for dry, long-lasting comfort and performance.


CuShin™ Comfort tongue technology was designed to minimize pressure some hunters feel on their shin from the top of the boot tongue. A four-way stretch nylon offers relief and flexibility while walking, and an internal padded waffle mesh maintains premium comfort.

Overall, I have to give these boots a 5 Star Review! Comfort, lightweight, supportive, waterproof, and they’re fit specially for women’s sizes, not just a scaled down men’s version like so many other brands of snake boots! If you are a man, fear not, they make them for you too!

As a bonus, I reviewed these while recovering from a 5th metatarsal fracture in my right foot (remember above when I said I was clumsy?) These offered great support once I was out of my cast and allowed to wear thick soled hiking boots.

If you’re in the market, don’t hesitate; these boots are truly fantastic for more than hunting!

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