My night on Hannity..

It’s been a busy week. As you may have heard, a New York newspaper printed an interactive map of pistol permit holders in two counties. Unfortunately  I live in one of them.

Here is a still-shot of my county. Each dot represents a lawfully, licensed pistol permit holder. When clicked on, the map provides the full name and address of the licensee.  When zoomed in on, you can see the layout of my house. It’s outrageous.


Last Friday night (01/11/13) my husband and I had the opportunity to be a part of Sean Hannity’s special panel on Fox News.  The panel consisted of legal firearm owners, outed by this paper, and placed on an interactive Google if we were criminals.

For an hour, we discussed why the newspaper may have done this. We had several special guests, including a State Senator, an Assemblymen, Fox News contributors and Judge Janine Pirro, who was also outed on the map.


The show has been very well received. Sean Hannity is a great, down-to-earth guy. It was a pleasure being on his show.


If you missed the show itself, here is a link to part of the broadcast, including interviews by myself and my husband.

The newspaper has placed in danger, everyone on that map. Today, news broke that yet another house on the map, was broken into and firearms were stolen. The newspaper, still refuses to take the map down.

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