I guess I’ll never understand..

Today, someone whom I have been friends with for years, said on FaceBook that she was about to "exercise her constitutional right and go to XXXXs Sporting Goods store". She later posted a picture of a pink Savage rifle, stating "Isn't she pretty?"What happened next baffles me. So-called "friends" proceeded to post whatever was on their (closed) little... Continue Reading →

My night on Hannity..

It's been a busy week. As you may have heard, a New York newspaper printed an interactive map of pistol permit holders in two counties. Unfortunately  I live in one of them. Here is a still-shot of my county. Each dot represents a lawfully, licensed pistol permit holder. When clicked on, the map provides the full name and... Continue Reading →

You shoot…GUNS?!?!

So here's how my day started the other day. I walked into a clients office, the new-ish secretary jumps from her desk and yells.."Wait..I have a question.."Me: Whats up?Her: You shoot..(insert long, awkward pause)...GUNS??!!Me: Yes..why?Her: Your like..an NRA gun person?Me: I'm an NRA member, NRA Certified Pistol Instructor and NRA Certified Range Safety officer, is... Continue Reading →

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