Review: Why the Kimber Micro 9 Is My New Carry Pistol

Kimber Micro9 / Galco Holsters KingTuk Cloud

I own a few different carry pistols that I’ve carried for self-defense over the past several years. They’re all great, reliable options and carry comfortably. I recently picked up a Kimber Micro 9, and it’s been my go-to EDC carry since the day I got it. There are a few good reasons why I choose it over my other handgun options, and it mainly comes down to reliability and size.


Kimber’s Micro 9 has been out for a few years now. It’s labeled as a sub-compact carry gun, and it’s smaller than my other carry guns, which makes it super easy to conceal. I normally carry it IWB (inside the waistband), but given its small size, it’s great for pocket carry with the proper holster, too. 

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