What Should You Look For In A Used AR Rifle?

What Should You Look For In A Used AR Rifle?

Thinking about purchasing a used AR, but you’re not sure where to start? We have some tips on what to look for as you pick out your new – but used – gun. Buying a used AR has many benefits on top of generally costing less than a new AR. But you do have to be careful, especially if you’re not buying it from a reputable dealer. Obviously, we highly recommend browsing our selection of in-stock used ARs.

New ARs are great, but here are five awesome benefits to buying a used AR:

  1. Already Broken In: That’s right, someone took the time to break that AR in already. So, you can spare yourself the ammo and get right to shooting it. Think of the ammo you’ll save not having to go through the break-in cycle of the rifle. 
  2. Great Deals: Just like buying a car, ARs depreciate the second you walk out of the gun shop doors. Sure, collector ARs keep their value better, but a good used AR is generally a bargain.
  3. Accessories: If the used AR was decked out by the original owner, you reap the benefits of their handiwork. There’s nothing quite like getting a bargain on optics, compensators, charging handles, and spare mags.
  4. Free Upgrades: If you know which AR you’re looking to purchase anyway, and you’ve done some research ahead of time, you can be sure you’re paying a fair price for your used AR. That’s especially true if it has been upgraded by its former owner. 
  5. History: Many used ARs come with some great backstories that add a little flavor and personality to your purchase. Prior service LEO rifles are some of our favorites because they are the types of guns that people trusted their safety to in a previous life. 

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