Product Review: Alien Gear Grip Tuck Universal Holster

Holster: Alien Gear Grip Tuck Universal Holster


MSRP: $33.88

The thought of a truly universal holster, one that I can use for multiple concealed carry guns, is something that has intrigued me over the past few years. Being able to grab a gun, insert it in a holster and head out the door without spending much time making sure I had the right fit for the gun I planned on carrying that day, is appealing for those mornings when everything seems to be taking longer than it should.

Because I have 3 similarly-sized concealed carry options, I was thrilled to give Alien Gear’s Grip Tuck Universal Holster a good workout. I’ve actually had this holster a few months, because when I review something, I like to make sure I get to know it well.

My carry guns are all in the subcompact category and include an Honor Defense Honor Guard 9mm, a Springfield Armory XD-S in 9mm, and a Smith & Wesson Shield also in 9 mm. While they’re all similarly sized, each gun is quite unique and feels different when being carried.

I’ll admit right off the bat that I prefer a leather / leather-Kydex hybrid design, and my go-to holster is generally a Galco KingTuk. Because of this, the Grip Tuck Universal Holster (GTUH) felt odd when I first put it on.

I had an issue when I first got the Grip Tuck Universal. My guns fit too loose for my liking, so I contacted Alien Gear because this review wasn’t going to be exactly flattering. Turns out I was sent the wrong size for my guns. This was corrected immediately, and I will say all 3 of my guns do fit well now that they’re in the properly sized holster.



  1. It fits all 3 of my carry guns well, completely covering the trigger guard.
  2. All 3 guns seem secure when belted in. (Note that I said belted in and see Con 2 for caveat).
  3. Both ride-height and cant are easily adjustable, with no tools required to do so.
  4. The material is comfortable against the skin and offers good grip whether it is resting against skin or an undershirt.
  5. Because of the rigidness of the holster itself, it holds its shape well for reholstering.
  6. It’s easy to wipe down after prolonged exposure to skin and sweat, this will be important when carrying in warmer weather. In fact, according to Alien Gear, you can toss it in your washing machine on the delicate cycle, and machine dried on a low-heat setting. I haven’t tried that yet!
  7. It’s doesn’t feel cold against the skin when first putting it on.


  1. While it is a minimalist design, it seems a little thick/bulky. Probably because I’m used to a very different material, and it’s designed to fit multiple guns.
  2. Because it is a universal fit, I’d be very careful performing activities that require you to drop your pants, like using a restroom. While unlikely, there is a chance that the gun could slip out of the holster. Adding a line of grippy material to the inside of the holster would help secure the gun better, but as of this writing, the inside of the holster is more of a smooth material (thermoplastic elastomer), likely for ease of draw. Since it is a universal holster, I’d almost like to see a model with a retention strap for extra security because it’s not fit to any particular gun.

I’ve carried all 3 pistols in various positions and found IWB at about 1:30 to be the most comfortable for my particular body shape. 3:00 also worked well. Their website shows someone carrying at about 4:30 and I’d think that would work well, it just doesn’t work for my body type.

This very affordable holster from Alien Gear retails at just $33.88 and offers a 30-day test drive like all of AGH’s products; . there’s also a lifetime product warrantee and it’s made in the USA. I’m glad I reached out to Alien Gear when the first holster wasn’t performing as expected. It was a simple mistake and corrected immediately thanks to their excellent customer service. The Grip Tuck Universal from Alien Gear is a solid option if you have multiple guns similarly sized.

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