Training for a Double Feed: The T3MT Type 3 Malfunction Trainer

Finally, there’s a way to train to clear a Type 3 malfunction without faking it.

Type 3 Malfunction Trainer

When the rhythmic click-back, click-bang at the range stops with a click and no bang, you look at your ejection port and see the breech isn’t closed and there’s a mess of brass in there—that’s a double-feed, otherwise known as a Type 3 Malfunction.

It’s fairly uncommon, and occurs when the empty cartridge from your last shot isn’t properly ejected, and the nose of the next round jambs it as it’s being fed from the magazine into the gun.

Up until now, it’s a malfunction that has been extremely difficult to create artificially in a training environment so shooters can prepare for how to clear one if it should ever happen.

Read the rest of the story here, on Range365


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