Announcing the HonorUSA Promotion!


HonorUSA Promotion

Gainesville, GA, September 15, 2017:  Honor Defense and HidingHilda, LLC are proud to announce the HonorUSA promotion. We’ve joined forces with the best all-American companies in the firearm industry to offer this amazing promotion to our customers. Starting today through November 3, 2017, any time you use the promotion code HonorUSA, at any of the websites listed below, you will receive 20% off online orders of selected merchandise.

Crossbreed Holsters: Crossbreed manufactures some of the best and most functional concealment holsters on the market today. CrossBreed has raised the standard for customer service in the holster industry through its two-week, try-it-free guarantee and a lifetime warranty. CrossBreed Holsters ensures that every customer is a customer for life.  Promo Code: Use code HonorUSA and take 20% off your purchase.

 HidingHilda, LLC: HidingHilda has become the go-to name for conceal carry purses and accessories. The HidingHilda brand of conceal carry purses are manufactured in Fort Wayne, IN. HidingHilda donates a portion of its proceeds to training and resources for stalking victims and advocates.  Promo Code: Use code HonorUSA and take 20% off your purchase from our Made in the USA collection.

Honor Defense: Honor Defense makes one of the finest concealed carry single stack 9mm pistols on the market. Accurate, comfortable, and reliable, they are sourced from 100% American materials, nothing is outsourced or made from foreign-owned companies. Each pistol is assembled by Veterans and test-fired before it leaves the factory in Gainesville, GA.  Promo Code: Use code HonorUSA and take 20% off your online purchase.

Quartermaster Knives: Quartermaster was started, and continues to run on a single principle: we make the finest knives on the planet – at any price, and we support this principle by offering the most comprehensive, unlimited lifetime warranty in the small arms industry.  Promo Code: Use code HonorUSA and take 20% off your online purchase.

Wingspan Outfitters: Wingspan Outfitters mission is simple – bring together the best quality and highest value tactical, hunting and outdoor gear. These products must be from companies that are owned by, or dedicated to supporting Veterans and First Responders. In conjunction with Seal 1 and Team Never Quit Ammunition, Wingspan is pleased to offer discounts on select products from both companies on orders placed through Wingspan’s website. Promo Code: Use code HonorUSA on the Wingspan Outfitters website and take 20% off your online purchase of TNQ 9HP and 9LFT as well as selected product from Seal 1.

Seal 1 specializes in eco-based products for the tactical, archery, marine, sporting, shooting industry, military and law enforcement fields. Their products are non-toxic, dissolve carbon on contact and reduce the time it takes to clean, lubricate, and protect your firearm. It creates a barrier that resists fouling particles such as copper, lead, sand, dust and dirt.

Team Never Quit Ammunition provides solutions for every type of shooter to include dynamic training, hunting, self-defense, match grade competition, and reduced ricochet technology all-encompassing the mantra to Train. Hunt. Defend. .         For more information, please contact Annette Doerr:

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