Introducing WeaponsFeed – A Refreshing Social Media Site!

Tired of Facebook limiting your reach? Tired of your anti-gun friends commenting negatively every time you like or comment on something regarding firearms? There are some new options out there! One of the new pro-gun social media sites is WeaponsFeed.

The WeaponsFeed platform is best described in their latest press release:

WeaponsFeed is a groundbreaking new Pro-Firearm and Outdoor Social Media Site. Currently in beta and requires a unique invite code to signup for an account. WeaponsFeed was created so that firearm and outdoor enthusiasts would have a place to share things related to their hobbies and jobs, but without the discrimination, censorship, and harassment some of the other social media giants have.

When the web’s largest social media community began denying manufacturers the right to promote their products, we were determined to create a pro-firearm and outdoor community that would allow everybody that enjoys the hobby to come together as one. With other social networks, your posts are only seen by about three percent of your audience, (even sponsored posts), but on WeaponsFeed, every user can see them.

WeaponsFeed allows guns, ammo, and other related products to be advertised for and talked about. There are “Pages” just like other social media sites where businesses can create a profile for their products. There is also “Groups” where users can set up their own communities about whatever topics they would like to discuss.

WeaponsFeed also has an Android App available in the Google Play Store so you can take us on the go. An IOS app is in development and will be released shortly.

Join our community developed just for the firearms and outdoor enthusiast. It’s about time guns, and our rights stop being censored and start being shared.

You can reserve a spot on the waiting list here

It’s great to have a specialized site where you can ask questions and learn from others without fear of anti-gun wingnuts giving you a hard time. I’ve been using the site for a few weeks now. I find the platform to be similar to Facebook, but without all the drama. The folks on the site are courteous, like-minded and supportive. The administration has been awesome responding to questions.

Several others have tried making a firearm-friendly social media site. WeaponsFeed seems to be well thought out and well run. I think this one will be around for a long time. If you’re there, look me up!

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