Braving the Elements

Freelance Writer / Social Media Management / Instructor & Range Safety Officer

by Annette DoerrthermometerBaby its cold outside! Winter seems to be in a holding pattern here in New York State and I am not sure it will EVER go away! Perhaps you are lucky enough to live in a more temperate part of the country, or if you are lucky, you may have access to an indoor range.

If you are a shooting addict like I am and you want to shoot even in the dead of winter, you are going to have to brave the elements and rough it a little! Heck, hunters do it all the time, so why not those of us who just want to keep up our marksmanship skills and just shoot? For those who compete, winter is the perfect time to get a jump on your fair-weathered competitors by working on your marksmanship skills all winter long!

Shooting can be more complicated in colder…

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