What do you use to blog with?

QUESTION: What do you use to blog with?

I find that a lot of time I have content to write about, but I’m not near my desktop. I’m trying this post on my Kindle Fire. If this works it will make my bloggging life easier,  but so far I’m not loving it..

The Kindle Fire doesn’t seem to rotate like my iPhone. This means the keyboard I’m typing on is tiny. (Even for my small girly hands this is difficult. A man would likely find it impossible.)

Punctuation is difficult to maneuver around which may be a good thing for me as I’m known at home as “Queen of the Comma Splice!”

Adding pictures would be cumbersome and likely have to be done later from my phone or desktop. I also don’t have much confidence in the spellcheck as it keeps overriding my words with what it thinks I want to say.

Best guess is maybe I can draft some things on the Kindle and publish them later. I’m going to hijack one of the girls iPads and try that next as they have Bluetooth keyboards for them which may solve most of my issues. There’s always the obvious laptop choice, but I was hoping for something even easier to cart around.

If you’re a blogger, let me know what you’ve tried and what you like!

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