Adjusting the sights..

I finally made it out to the range last weekend! While it’s finally spring and we’ve had some really nice days, I’ve been torn between wanting to shoot but not wanting to use up the ammunition that I’ve stored.

I took along “Gus” my Springfield Armory XD-9, purchased last year. I only ran 100 rounds through it, but he worked flawlessly. I am, however, having an issue with his sights.

There appears to be no easy way to adjust them. I know I can add aftermarket sights, and frankly I’m thinking I might want to put night sights on him, but for now I need to figure out how to adjust what I have.

A quick Google left me the suggestion of oiling my sight then taking a hammer to the sight to adjust it..not exactly what I was hoping for!

I guess until I have some spare time to dig out the book and/or contact Springfield, I’ll just have to aim high and right, because he shoots low and left..

Anyone else had a similar issue? I’m open for suggestions! At least my husband liked shooting it as much as I do!


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    1. Thanks for the input, it’s not a “me” problem, as I’ve had others experience the same issue. Googling it also showed a lot of people had similar problems and were trying to adjust the sights. One thing a friend did say was that it was probably set with “combat sights” to begin with, and the distance that I was shooting differed, which makes sense since if I’m shooting close range, its on the money. Thanks for the book recommendation, I’m going to look into it as well..

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