The Cock Bloc:
 Slide Rack Assist Device
I’ll start with a word of advice, do NOT do a general Google search when looking for this product. Trust me on this, I’ve included the appropriate link here to save you from seeing things I cannot un-see.
Next up, is the pink elephant in the room, how ‘bout that name, eh? I’m not sure if the name is pure genius from a marketing standpoint, or a little tacky, but either way, you WILL remember it, so I lean toward the genius part. The owner, George Fournet is a proud United States Marine, so to me the salty product name makes perfect sense. OK, now that we have that all cleared up, let’s get to the good stuff!

The Cock Bloc, is a slide rack assist device that allows anyone who has trouble operating the slide on their semi-automatic handgun, for whatever reason, to do so with one hand and minimal effort.

The product is a simple, injection-molded plastic “block” (not an actual “bloc,” which is a group of countries or parties with common purpose) with a base and a protrusion shaped roughly like the muzzle of your semi-auto handgun with recesses for the barrel and recoil spring guide.

Cyndee's Conceal Carry Purse - Ann
Over the past year or so, I’ve done over 15 concealed-carry purse reviews; because of this, I know what works and more importantly what doesn’t when it comes to a functional purse with a safe, separate compartment for your gun.

While I personally prefer on-body carry, I realize that it’s not always possible. Depending on the season, your clothing choice may not allow you to wear a belt with a traditional holster. Purse carry, when done correctly, can be a safe and reliable alternative. That said, I only purse carry cross-body, making it difficult for someone to remove my purse from my possession.

I was excited when asked if I wanted to review the “Ann” model from Cyndee’s Conceal Carry Purses . The first thing I noticed out of the box, was the smell. Leather! Gorgeous, black, buttery soft leather that smelled wonderful. Maybe it’s because I’m an equestrian, but nothing smells better than leather! You know it’s real-deal quality leather when you can smell it.

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Concealed Carry Shapeware for Women
Now that it’s the onset of summer, the need for deep concealment is more important than ever. In colder months, it’s easy to conceal a gun by carrying in a traditional inside-the-waist band holster and covering it with a nice roomy hoody or a flannel shirt. But once warmer weather hits, stripping off those extra layers means you’re no longer carrying concealed.

Fortunately, manufacturers have begun realizing this predicament. I attended the 2017 SHOT Show in Las Vegas last January, and not only did I see a lot of new clothing designed specifically for women on display, several manufacturers had also come out with garments that had holsters built into them—including clothing that’s designed to be worn next to the skin, beneath other garments. Because I carry on a regular basis, I was intrigued!

A few weeks after the show, I began reaching out to manufacturers to obtain samples for testing. What follows is a review of three very different options of what I like to call “concealed carry shapewear,” because not only do these articles of clothing have built-in holsters, they also will help flatter any figure.

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As a firearm instructor, I often run across gadgets that claim to improve your shooting skills. There’s usually a lot of hype to get you to buy, but then once you do, you realize you’d have been better off spending your money on a private lesson with a professional.

I usually look at new products fairly skeptically, as I did when I received an email late last year, telling me that the new  MantisX Firearms Training System  would be debuting at the 2017 SHOT Show .

I visited the MantisX booth at the show, and found that it was certainly was one of the most innovative and interesting products I ran across there. I asked for a sample to test, and found that it truly is a game-changer.

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The MantisX Training System
WILL improve your shooting!
AimWell Laser Target System
Originally developed in 2015, the newly redesigned and improved AimWell Laser Target System was re-released a few months ago after over a year of testing and beta trials.

The laser training system is designed to allow you to practice your marksmanship anywhere. Batteries are pre-installed in each of the three targets, as well as in the laser pistol, which is a replica of a Glock 17. You also have the option of purchasing an in-bore laser insert for use with your own pistol.

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The Aimwell Laset Target System includes a laser pistol with removable magazine, three laser-activated targets that indicate a hit by emitting sound, a flash drive containing downloadable software, and a receiver that will send your shooting performance data to your computer.
Annette Doerr
Conceal Carry Purse Review

There are times in every lady’s life when your outfit won’t conceal your firearm, and you need to carry it some other way. Purse carry has been around as long as pistols have, but the recent surge in concealed carry licenses for women has created a whole new need for fashionable and durable purses designed for carrying handguns.

Some women love the concept of purse carry, because you can carry whether or not your clothing choice for the day can realistically conceal a pistol. Others feel it’s irresponsible and asking for trouble (say your purse gets stolen with your pistol inside it).

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I put 11 conceal carry purses and inserts to the test for Range365.

See which ones will make a great choice for your carry needs.
Annette Doerr
Spartan Laser, by LaserMax
Writing in the firearm industry has its perks!

I recently got to review the Spartan Laser from  LaserMax  for my Armed and In Charge column at Women’s Outdoor News.

Who knew how many benefits shooting with a laser had!

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Spartan Review - Armed and In Charge
LaserMax’s motto is “better shooting starts here.” After spending some trigger-time using the new Spartan laser, I know that every time I’m hitting my targets using the laser, my shooting is getting better and better.
Annette Doerr
With the world so dependent on electronics, the Sunjack is delivering power where power isn’t  available. Whether it be hiking, camping or during a natural emergency, having the ability to charge a cell phone is a necessity.  The Sunjack did an excellent job supplying power to multiple devices in a fairly fast time-frame.

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Charge your electronics anywhere the sun shines with the Sunjack!
Annette Doerr
P-Mate: The Reliable Stand and Pee Device
When I got the opportunity to review the P-Mate USA product, I knew it would be awkward, but if I could help one lady comfortably pee out in the wild it would be worth it. We all know guys have it easy in this department, but for women, peeing in the outdoors can get a little… well, messy.

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The reliable stand and pee device.
Annette Doerr